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At well over one hundred years old Llandudno Pier offers an enchanting walk with excellent views of Llandudno and the Great Orme. Wire's lots of attractions on the pier for children with amusement arcades and rides and small stalls are dotted along the pier selling a variety of tourist items. The pier offers an excellent opportunity to take in the panoramic views of Llandudno's promenade and also get a good view of Happy Valley and the start of the cable car ride.

As the longest cable car ride in Britain the Great Orme cable car takes you from Happy Valley at the bottom of the Great Orme to the summit over 600 feet above. A family of two adults and two to three small children easily fits inside the cars or up to four adults can ride at the same time. From the summit it's possible to see the mountains of Snowdonia and the Isle of Anglesey on a clear day. The summit Winding Wire is also home to a visitor centre, adventure playground for younger children, and amusement centre.