Soft crates:

These are used less commonly. Soft crates Electric Wire are made from fabrics. These are used for the transportation of dogs that don't chew. However, are unsuitable for transportation at any vehicle. These are very economical, air can pass through the crate easily, can be folded easily, light weight and dogs can also be observed easily. These can be used for the transportation of other pets.

Dog tents:

These are considered as alternatives to soft crates. They are just like bags. Dogs are enclosed in it and the head of dog remains outside. Used for the transportation of dogs who don't chew or bark. Tents are very soft, light weight, economical and attractive. These are available in different colors and children like them. These are also called as pet crates because these are also used for different pets.

More and more frequently insurance companies are refusing to insure homes with 60 amp services, knob and tube wiring, and in some cases, even aluminum wiring. Does this mean these types of components or systems are categorically dangerous? No. Like all electrical components, they can be dangerous is they do not meet certain minimum requirements, but they can also be as safe as any others.

The Consumer Division of the Insurance Bureau of Canada operates an information line at 1-800-387-2880 that can answer some questions with respect to how to obtain insurance on homes equipped with 60 amp services, knob & tube and aluminum wiring.

60 Amp Services

Most standard sized homes built prior to the 1960's were equipped with a 60 amp electrical service. This size of service was reasonably well suited to the needs of living at the time. However, the search for convenience and enhanced lifestyle has generally increased the demand on the electrical systems of homes today.

A common misunderstanding is that the ampacity (size, or capacity) of a home's electrical service is determined by checking the main breaker or fuses or the rating imprinted on the panel. This method of determining size is fraught with problems as the ratings of breakers, fuses and panels may correlate to the size of the electrical service, but in many cases they don't. The panel could have been upgraded without upgrading the service wires.

Electric Service Entry

The size of an electrical service is established by the ampacity (capacity) of the incoming service wires. The only reliable method of determining the size of the service is to observe and Electrical Cable correctly identify the size of the incoming wires and the related equipment (mast, meter base, etc.).