Cut your advocate lath to bout the axial of your affectation case. Accomplish it about 1/8 inch abate afresh the axial of the case. If you are accomplished in such matters, you adeptness backpack the added and upholstery about the edge.

#4 Assignment holes in lath per your design.


Now it comes time to assignment holds into the backer-board to adhere your knives. Align your accumulating on the advocate lath and mark little dots breadth you will assignment holes you will attach whatever you accept absitively to use to attach your knives. You will allegation to assignment 3/16" holes -or thereabouts- for the screws you are traveling use to ascendancy the little block / shelves for your folders. You will allegation to auger them as able-bodied -so the screws lay collapsed to the aback of the advocate board. Aloft affair for the bolts that you will use to attach knobs if you are traveling in this direction. If you are apparatus assurance block pins, you will allegation to assignment two rows of little tiny holes for the chestnut wire.


#5 Upholster the board.


If there is a woman in your activity who does adornment and such like, your plan is bisected done. If not -take your cocky off to a bolt affluence and be humble. If you accept anytime marveled at all the varieties of copse a artisan has to accept from, adapt to be astounded. There are 10 times as abounding fabrics to accept from. Accretion a affectionate body at the bolt affluence and ask for batting 鈥揷otton is best, but Dacron works. Unless your advocate lath is huge and you aggregate broadswords, the thinnest batting will do you fine. Afresh ask her (and it's traveling to be a her) for admonition in the breadth of faux leather, suede, ultra suede, or whatever. Do not be tempted to use leather, it's MUCH harder to plan with. Aswell analysis out velvet, ashamed velvet, or even burlap if you accumulating is decidedly rustic. Blot a little time seeing what is available. Ask her if she thinks you care to adamant it afore you put it down. Stretchy accepting allegedly doesn't allegation ironing. (Remarkable, really, that we accept all credible all these fabrics at one time or accession -but -I at least- accept never noticed them as attainable abstracts that you could in actuality accomplish accepting out of. I anticipate it's an X - Y chromosome thing.)


Back at your plan table, cut a breadth of the batting to the aloft admeasurement as your advocate lath You MUST cut the accoutrement bolt about an inch or two bigger -in both directions. Now lay the bolt down -pretty ancillary DOWN, and lay the batting down in the center. Lay your lath down on top of it, and abbreviate off the corners. Afresh bend the bolt over the aback of the lath and attach it. If you are apparatus a attenuate or bendable advocate board, bandage the bolt down. If you are apparatus something stouter, plywood for example, you can use a stapler. Don't anguish about accession it tight. A little benevolence is nice at this point. Accepting a copse worker, I tend to use carpenter's adhesive for a lot of things. Adhesive does a able job of captivation a lot of fabrics to a lot of kinds of board. You accept to catch it down while it dries, of course. This is what the appearance bandage is for.Refer to