Interior Compartment

The more practical options when it Enameled Aluminum Wire comes to the bottle fridge are those with aluminum type of compartments. This is mainly because of the fact that aluminum conducts more heat and cold than plastic which is commonly used in the cheaper variants of this type of cooling appliance. It is also important that you pick one that has the pebbled and textured lining as it performs well in maintaining the desired humidity inside the cooling appliance.


The basic shelves of most wine refrigerators are the chrome wire types. On the other hand, the high end variants of the bottle fridge are equipped with the more robust wooden racks or wire grids that are framed in wood. It is also better if you choose one that has a roll out design feature as this makes it more convenient to read the labels and remove the bottles. When making your pick, don't fail to check how the shelves of these wine refrigerators glide to ensure that the feel is acceptable to you.



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Murrina glass:

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